Terms Of Service

By attending services, events, or otherwise engaging with Full Deliverance Ministries (FDM), you agree to be bound by the following terms:

Participation and Cancellation
Participation in FDM events and services is on a voluntary basis. You may discontinue participation at any time. We ask that you notify us if you no longer wish to be included on our mailing or sms messagings lists.

Waiver of Liability
1. By participating in FDM services and events, including but not limited to worship services, bible studies, meals, retreats, concerts, and conferences, you acknowledge these activities may have certain risks and you agree to accept those risks. This includes risks resulting from the possible negligence of FDM staff and volunteers.
2. You acknowledge that you are voluntarily participating in FDM activities with full knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of any risks involved. You agree to assume responsibility for your participation.
3. FDM is not responsible for any damages to your property while attending FDM events or being on FDM premises.
4. Any services, counsel, or other guidance provided by FDM staff and volunteers is intended for general educational and spiritual growth purposes only. It should not be taken as medical or other professional advice. You agree that FDM is not liable for any issues resulting from following or not following any FDM guidance.
5. Parents or guardians are responsible for monitoring minors attending FDM events. FDM does not provide childcare unless explicitly stated for a specific event. Parents/guardians assume full responsibility for any unsupervised minors.

Intellectual Property
FDM owns copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property related to its services and events. You may not distribute this intellectual property without FDM's explicit approval.

Changes to Terms
FDM may amend these terms of service at any time. By continuing to attend FDM events and services, you accept any changes.