Jekalyn Carr Ministers to FDBC
March 13, 2011


Jekalyn Carr “Ministers a Powerful Word” at Full Deliverance Baptist Church  

On Sunday, March 13, 2011 Full Deliverance Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Victor Hickson was witness to a dynamo of ministry that is Jekalyn Carr.  At age 13, this artist and minister has already touched the lives of thousands. She has appeared nationally and internationally on the World Network, TBN, This is Your Day, Inspirational Channel and other major networks. Jekalyn has recorded songs written by both her mother and father, and released her first album, “Promise,” in 2010.  Her first video for the title track was featured on BET Video Gospel in 2010.    

Rev. Hickson has been a fan for years.  “She first came down when she was nine,” said Hickson.  “I kept in contact with her family over the years. She has always been a great performer.  Now she preaches as well as sings.  On Sunday, she ministered a powerful word.”  

At the age of five, Jekalyn Carr’s singing ability was already promising.  Coming from a family with a strong musical background, she quickly adapted the art.  She wants people to know that you can pursue your dreams and aspirations while you’re young.  “You can fulfill the promises spoken over your life if you believe in them,” said Carr.  “Work hard to achieve them, and most of all, put God first.”

Article by J. Rivers